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Thread: I need Feedback on first demo reel please...

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    Default I need Feedback on first demo reel please...

    Hello all! I have been editing for quite some time now. I have been freelancing for one company for three years, and the time has come to put together a new demo reel. I whipped this together, and would love some feedback on it. This is the first demo reel I have put together for a job interview... Any feedback would be great. Thank you!


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    Looking at just the editing I thought you did a real good job. Transitions of scenes were great when using fades and cutaways.

    I really started feeling the whole video when the martial arts/weaponry scenes were playing.

    Good luck for your interview.
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    I really like it. The tight cuts were nice, keeping it interesting, and it really appeared to showcase your talent with diverse footage. The only thing I was wondering is maybe switching up the order of the shots, maybe putting the martial arts scenes mixed in with the other ones. I might be wrong, maybe it's better to keep it organised, just a thought. Looks good.


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    I aint no pro but some of those shots were really lovely. I think there were too many martial art type shots, one would suffice as to me thay are not particularly skillfull or complex.

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    I really enjoyed it. Loved all the zooming and panning shots. Stunning I must say. The only thing and I agree with Mark W is that there were to many martial art shots. Should of took out a couple. Really loved it though.

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    although it was simple, it was nice.

    Too many martial arts scene.

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    i've seen this before somewhere, I'm sure. you posted on other forums?!

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