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Thread: New to Editing, what do I need?

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    Default New to Editing, what do I need?

    The effects I'm going to be going for don't need to be sophisticated or even good for that matter, cheesyness will actually add to the funny aspect of the short film. Off-hand I can tell you we're going to need to make lasers fire from someone's eyes, do some blue-screen work and simulate someone flying. What software do I need to do this kind of stuff?

    The only possible thing I can think of is photoshop.

    I took some classes and can be fairly proficient with photoshop but have never edited a single frame of film before... plz give advice.

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    hmm, for the lasers all you really need is something like windows movie maker. What you do is for the spot that you want the lasers, click split (cut, slice, whatever it is, the thing that divides a scene into two, lol), then click the arrows that jump to the next fram and click split again. Click on to that on frame scene and take a screen shot of it with the camera icon. go onto paint or something and draw a short red line out the the eyes. Save it and go back to movie maker. Delete the 1 frame scene and add the picture in the place of it. Zoom in as close as possible. From there shorten it as far as it will go. In movie maker, you will have to also use x2 speed to make the photo the length of a frame. Do the same thing with the next two frames exept with the second one, put the laser more in the center of the picture, and in the third one, make it more to the bottom. if you possition it correctly it will look fairly descent (with a small hint of cheesy lol). I hope you find that helpful. For the bluescreen I use Pinnacle Studio but I wouldn't recommend it all that much. It's a little slow. I now Adobe has a pretty good software though. And for the flying, cables if you have them, if not use bluescreen and see if you can move the picture around to give it the flying effect.
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    Well if you're willing to spend money, there's Adobe Premier, and Adobe After Effects. In Premier you can export as a filmstrip file, which can be opened in Photoshop and edited as a series of stills, frame by frame. After Effects allows you to export as filmstrip, but you can usually do most of the compositing work directly in after effects. It has a variety of filters, one to create lasers, and has many valuable chroma keying tools (blue screening). After Effects also uses key framing which means you can set one value for an objects position or a filter parameter at frame A, and set a different value at frame B. After Effects will interpolate the data, causing a smooth transition or motion between frames A and B. It's complicated software but would return a quality product. However, you said cheesiness is important, so you should be able to get buy using Premier and Photoshop.



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