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Thread: Need some input on a new editing/hosting technology

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    Default Need some input on a new editing/hosting technology

    Hello! I'm a student at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business -- right now, some of my friends and I are collecting input from digital video lovers about a potential online service. Don't worry -- we aren't trying to sell anything, but we're just trying to guage the demand for something like it among people who regularly record digital video.

    If you would like to give us 5 minutes of your time, please take our survey at:

    After we collect all of the results for our project, we'll award one lucky respondent $25! Also, any and all comments in this forum about the service are welcome -- we're still developing the idea.

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    Took the survey. Sure it would appeal to many, but certainly not this video enthusiast.

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    OK I took the survey too...
    Hoping to win those 25 bucks .

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    double post

    but I still hope I'll get my hands on that money

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