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Thread: conversion mov to Mpeg or avi etc....

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    Default conversion mov to Mpeg or avi etc....

    Before i start with my question, let me inform all members I am a newbie at this and don't have much experience with video editting, also my knowledge of PCs is limited.
    I have a couple of video clips shot on a digital camera, but these clips are in Mov format. The camera seems to record the clips in mov format. I tried view these clips on my Pc using Media player 9 but, can't do so; it says some codecs are missing or something like that. I have recently started using Movie plus to do some video editing. This programme also does'nt recognise this file format.
    I tried converting one of the clips to mpeg 2 using a free downloaded programme. It works well. But leaves a stamp in red leters across the picture
    'converted by Video Convertor plus.....This is a trial version'
    . Now this is bloody frustrating. After going through all the trouble of finding a solution to convert these video files. I still can't use them with this stupid message showing . Can I get rid of this message. If not any suggestions How I can convert the video from Mov to mpg or avi or Mpeg 2 etc.... with out any such messages

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    .mov files are Quicktime files. In order to watch these you will need Quicktime, which you can download off Apples site. Downloading Quicktime may also allow you to edit the footage in your editing program, because it will then recognise the file due to the corresponding codec.

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    I understand that .mov files are Quicktime video files. I have quicktime installed and able to view these clips. But I need to convert these files to some other format so that they may be viewed in any pc which has just the regular viewing prorgrammes, and maybe make a vcd to be played in standalone player.

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    because of the programe your using is only a trail version you get the stamp.. you can either pay the 15 to get the full versions to get rid of the stamp .. or you might want to look here to see if there any free ones..

    I had a quick look and most of them you have to pay for.. but there might be some freebies there..

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    for the reply and link will see if i can find some free converter software, I am looking at the page, but so far have not come acros any one which is free.

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