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    All I'm trying to do is cut a few sections out of a video I recorded. The source file is an AVI, and if it's possible to convert it to another format to reduce the file size without sacrificing much quality, I'd like to do that to. I've tried ~15 programs so far, and none of them have allowed me to just remove the sections I want to and save a new file EXACTLY the same as the source file. I don't need 150 compression options, I don't want to alter the aspect ratio or anything else, I just want to delete and save. Even if I can't convert it to a different file type, simple editing of segments from the source file is my main goal here. Does anyone know of a programs that will fit these needs?


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    List the 15 programmes you've tried. I can name over half a dozen programmes that will do what you want, so I'm really curious as to what programmes you've tried already!!

    Final Cut
    Virtual Dub

    I'm sure there are more. Easiest is Vegas I'd say. I'm guessing if you've used any of these progs, you're just not doing it right, because any of them can do it.

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    You may try VideoCharge (click my signature), namely VideoCharge Express that can do exactly what you want.

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