i want to do the following, perhaps some of you can tell me how to do it or at least point me in the direction of a place that can:

1. take clips of ESPN "SportsCenter" broadcasts
2. capture footage of Madden PC gameplay
3. combine the two and edit into a "fake" broadcast

basically i'm in an online football league and we use a text sim game to sim the season. i want to create custom "broadcasts" using clips of the SportsCenter show (and dubbing over the voices of the commentators using my own voice) and when it comes time to show a highlight i would then in turn use replays from my Madden PC game as the "highlights"/footage.

so i need help in finding a place that has a decent library of SportsCenter broadcasts (most likely bit torrent files, right?), and learn how to combine the two together.

this is not-for-profit, it's more to add immersion to the league so there won't be any copyright infringement here (outside of like 30 people it won't ever be seen anyway lol). thanks for any of your help and assistance.