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    I've got a movie on an mpg that I want to put subtitles on and send it to somebody who's gonna maybe make a DVD out of it. The only program I've got is Pixela 1.0 and I'm a gonna hafta rent a computer ta do it with. Is this doable? What sort of PC should I rent if so? Thank you kindly for your advice.

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    I've never heard of the software you talk about but is this a long video? Are you good at typing? For any kind of video work, rent out the one with the most memory (512Mb or 1Gb if you can lay your hands on it), big hard disk (7200 rpm and at least 160Gb storage - IDE is fine but the most recent computers have Serial ATA), fast processor (2.6Ghz and above), ask about the FSB or Front Side Bus, it should be 800Mhz, make sure you get a model with Firewire (don't use a laptop) and from my own experience, a graphics card with 128Mb of onboard video memory. The reason why I say a graphics card is necessary is because the onscreen image will take much longer to refresh and redraw if it has to steal memory from the computers RAM.

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    Thanks for answering it's 74 mn long. They said it's a fairly powerful computer I don't know the exact specs. Actually I'm going to be working on it with adobe pro.

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    Remember to convert you MPG file into something that Premier Pro is happy with first!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Mills
    Remember to convert you MPG file into something that Premier Pro is happy with first!
    question, (not to hi-jack forum) when i import an mpeg it converts it silently in the bin, is this normal, or is it something sony gave me?
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    I'm going to try it both ways so I can tell you what happens ie. directly from the miniDV and then from the DVD the mpg is on. I don't know if the material I have is exactly the same as yours because i'm getting it tomorrow. The whole thing has already been edited on final cut. Doesn't final cut put everything on mpgs?

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