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    Hey, im new to vegas,

    Heres my situation. I import a video file (.avi) i wanna cut up a few clips out of it and put them in a bin, i dont know what im doing wrong but they wont go in the bin. i may not be trimming properly i can cut a clip in the trimmer window and put it in the time line, but i cant seem to then get that clip into the bin i created.

    Also when capturing, or even after capturing. If u have a large file with numerous different scenes is there a tool that will just split every scene up like in video studio.

    Can anyone help?

    cheers mike.

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    sorry to be pushy, but can anybody help?

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    Not sure if this is the most efficient way, but it works. First, in the project media window, in the left box where it says media bins, right click and select new media bin. Next, drag the media file into the timeline window. Move the slider by dragging or using the arrow keys to where you want to split the clip, then hit the 's' key. Continue doing this until it is split in all the necessary spots. Then on each clip you want as an individual, right click and select create subclip. After this, all you have to do is drag the clips from All Media, into the new media bin you created, in the Project Media Window. Hope this helps.



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