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Thread: Got a question about adobes capabilites

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    Default Got a question about adobes capabilites

    Im trying to do promotion videos and stuff thats more modern. I see videos that have boxes and stuff zooming in and has the looks of like flash websites. Sorta always flowing and stuff. Am i able to do this stuff in premiere? or is there another program i use?

    if ur not sure what i'm talking about i could probably hunt down a video for an example

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    I think you need Photoshop and After Effects. Photoshop is used to create the graphics you need, and then After Effects animates them as needed. After Effects can also generate it's own media, which you can various tutorials about at


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    i say after affects of adobe is better , maybe try also sparckle from MS

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    What you are trying to do is possible in premiere using the motion filter.

    You will need an image editor to prepare your images first and then import to premiere and use the motion filter to manipulate size, motion, rotation and transparency.

    Not to much rotation, it makes people sea sick.


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