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    I need to make and shoot a drag race (underground style) for a movie I'm making, any ideas? I can think of a hundred angles I want, but I don't know what can be done on the cheap ...
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    Any DV camera will do.
    Think of mounting and stabilization, though. For instance, take a look at those Stickypods.

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    Use whatever is available or you can borrow from friends. For high angle shots stand on walls, steps, ladders. Put the camera on a monopod and hold it above your head and also use low angle shots aswell. And as I said elsewhere use the Dutch Tilt (turn the camera over 45 degrees) and move it in and out a couple of times from your subject. Show lots of smoke and tyre screeching (do it safely), the drivers getting ready, the anticipation of the watching crowd... the cops arriving and everyone scattering (is this the kind of scene you want to create?). Low angle shots, with some out of focus, not having your subject framed correctly. Noises and sounds taking place off screen without you cutting to them to show the audience what's causing them.

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