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    Default Operation: Taco Bell

    I made a new short video called Operation: Taco Bell check it out and leave some comments..tell me what you think!

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    I thought the general idea was good. It was a good physical gag, and getting the actors to actually hand off the food was a very good base. That said, I thought that you could have had a more informative intro, maybe a voiceover, and music through out, during the driving and such, would have been highly helpful. Trying to get more than just wide shots would have added much more entertainment value to your piece as well.
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    Funny. I would do the same as the track runner in this segment, no questions asked. Taco Bell is the king of any kind of fast food chain out there. If you had a tripod for the shot of the kid behind the bushes it would have looked nicer, but it was pretty funny as is.

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    Default haha

    haha cool man, yea tripod would of been good, but then again u were in a car, im guessing yall didnt tell the taco bell people bout it

    one thing i noticed was the car the hungry guy was driving is the same car in front of the house of the runner,

    cool man should of done some credits

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    Thank You for the feedback...yeah we couldnt really get the tripod because we were trying to keep the filming secretive in the car.

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