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    Hey there,

    Do you know what the best software is to use for editing videos but using 2 or more camera angles?

    Like I have a 1 hour video, with 2 angles to use (2 video input files). Normally I have to go back and forth recutting each clip to fit. However is there any software which lets you have two video files playing at the same time and you select the different cameras for the recording output file?

    If you need me to explain abit more, please ask

    Phil Hyde

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    If I understand this correctly, you are talking about fairly standard A/B Roll editing. If this is the case you will need editing software that supports A/B Roll and usually multiple video layers. Typical examples are Adobe Premiere, Ulead Mediastudio, AVID etc etc). For more info on these products check out Marc Peters post at

    Therefter place camera 1 on Track A and Camera 2 on Track B and simply make the cuts where you want to move between one camera and another. Remember to synch your cameras at shoot time though.

    Good luck

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    yeah premier works really well with A/B. i dont know if you want to go out and but premier pro but you can get premier 6 on ebay for pretty cheap, and in my opinion its just as good. pro just looks cooler.
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    Premier Pro no longer supports A/B roll edit space either. It is however better than previous versions IMHO.


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