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    ok guys,

    I am trying to research a new setup for some semipro/pro editing of DV, HD, HDV etc.

    I am looking at a PC based solution, but I have a couple of questions I hope you can answer for me:

    1) what is a dual-core processor? why is it better than a single-core? should I just go for 2 processors? what's the price difference/benefits?

    2) Are CRT monitors of a better or worse quality than LCD for prolonged editing? Or do LCD's just look prettier and take up less space?

    3) I have a copy of Adobe Premier 6.0, is it possible to just get an upgrade to premier pro 1.5 (or whatever's newest) on the cheap as I am an existing user?

    4) I'm confused about graphics cards, I want one with dual output for 2 Computer monitors, as well as a TV output into a monitor, if that makes sense? how much am I looking to spend on one that does all that, and is capable of all producing realtime edits?

    Thank you very much for your time, I look forward to reading your responses very soon.

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    Right -

    1. Dual core. A dual core cpu is basically two cpu's stuck together. so in theory double the power. However Dual motherboards are a diff story. These require 2 separate cpu's and have 2 sockets. Still the fastest CPU power but far fra more expensive.

    2. Monitors - LCD's are generally better than CRT's But its the same old story - buy a cheap ass lcd and it will be crap, buy a good crt will look great. LCD's/TFT's in theory dont emmit those nasty rays that will fry ur brain as much and take up less space.

    3 Upgrade - Give em a ring at Adobe Customer Support

    4 Graphics cards run your monitors. They have no effect on editing. They do not assist in anyway. A decent 128mb card will work fine. For editing you need a capture card (usually firewire) This card allows you to take media from a camera and display/export your video on a TV. Commonly mixed up and assumed the same.

    Hope thats says it!

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    In my expirience the tfts I have used are rubbish for previewing video. I couldnt get the one I used to show video well. The blacks were all crushed, like black restore was used. I am not sure if this is a common problem.

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    It depends what type of TFTs you use. Like irishmark says, you can get crappy TFT screens and good TFT screens.

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    Hmm, I might go tft soon, any recommendations. Would prefer 20 inch min with 1600 x 1200 res.

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    I have just recently purchased an Eizo S2110W. It's magnificent! Blew my mind when I first booted it up. I just stared at the screen for about 5 minutes with a stupid grin on my face. And I was coming from a decent Iiyama 19". It comes at a hefty price though - 700!!

    I'd certainly recommend widescreen (16:9). A 20"/21" will give you 1680x1050 resolution. Makes a hugh difference when you are working with video editing apps, as well as progs like Photoshop etc. The extra width is invaluable, and I could never go back to standard 4:3 now.

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    3) I've just upgraded and, from memory, the dialogue aksed me for my reg code of my previously registered copy of Premiere or Premiere Pro. I used my copy of Premiere pro 1 for the upgrade, leaving my copy of Premier pro 1.5 for me to sell on
    The point here is that I have read (elsewhere) that some poeple are upset by this upgrad eoffer because it doesn't offere benefit those who have upgraded regularly. i.e. the same deal is available to Premiere (presumably 6 and 6.5) as it is to premiere pro (1 and 1.5) users.
    So I suspect you will be able to upgrade to PPro 2 for about 200, but don't take my work for it, check with Adobe.

    4) More and more lately, I find video production tools are using the GPU effects of graphics cards more and more. So, whereas I agree that for straight video editting the video card has no consequence other than being able to drive multi monitors as required, other s/w like Adobe After Effects and particle Illusion (which you might want to use at some point) do use the GPU attributes of the card. As an example of how much AE uses the card, after upgrading to v7 AE would not run at all (not even open) on my PC until I had up dated my graphics drivers.

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    cool, this is all interesting stuff.

    so is it feasible to be able to put together a new system, inc system upgrade for around 1000, bare in mind I already have a 60GB HDD for apps and OS, a huge CRT monitor, DVD re-writer, wireless keyboard/mouse, LCD TV monitor, as well as a fucking great sound system for monitoring the sound?

    this sysem must be able to cope with lots of editing, and be pretty reliable. is it feasible with a PC based system?

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