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    Hey guys, i've been into video for a year or so now, and i am ready to upgrade to a better camera. Im sure you guys have had this question numerous times, but any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. I was looking into getting a canon gl2, but is there any other camera that is better for the money. I was looking at the vx 2100 but wasnt sure if i was ready to spend 3000. I also heard that panasonic had some good camcorders. Could you please leave the pros and cons of the cameras. Thanks for all the feedback you can provide.

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    What do you intend doing with your new camera? What have you shot in the past year and a half, family events, holidays, tv news reports or film production? More details about the past year and a half and what your intentions are for the next year and a half would help.

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    I am mainly shooting motocross videos. I was looking at the vx 2100..

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    I would also considor the sony hi def or the jvc hi def too. The sony is compact and shoots all the way up to 1080i. The jvc is larger, takes real video lenses and can be shoulder held but maxes out at 720p.

    Both these can also shoot in stnadard res.

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