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    Default Have questions.

    Right now, I'm on an old system,

    vprMatrix 2.0Ghz,
    1gig DDR Ram,
    120 GB HDD, 500 Gig external (2x 250 GB HDDs external),
    16x DVD+/-ReWriter
    Radeon 9700 pro,
    Pinnacle Studio 700PCI PCI interface video device

    Looking to upgrade, and that i mean ugrade by building a new machine... did a lot of homework on Intel chips... really like the D920 and D840. Then I see this article talking about how AMD blows INTEL away in every aspect... sooo great, is all my research out the window? New looking I think that I like the x2 4200 and 4400... both are a littl emore pricey though.

    NOoooo clue on the mother board for an AMD, would like to keep it in the 140-160$$ range.


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    I personally don't like amd, but amd has a lower clockspeed, but has a bigger bus, so it can get more done with one app, but cannot handle several apps, whereas intel does just about as much, and can handle several apps.
    Mac G5 workstation with 4 gigs of ram, 4x250 gig drives in raid 5. High availability cluster server running centos for a server. 2xCanon GL2 cameras.

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