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Thread: Sony Vegas 6.0d(Pros help me pls)I got lots of Q's

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    Default Sony Vegas 6.0d(Pros help me pls)I got lots of Q's

    Hiya, recently i've bought Sony Vegas and ever since i've had some trouble making good effects that I want. I play World of Warcraft and happen to take clips via FRAPS which I want to release soon..

    I'm just wondering how to creat some effects if you guys don't mind helping me, here goes.

    1.) Well, I just want to have my character in a solid background. I want to be able to remove the original background to JUST have my character in the whole clip. Than I want bricks falling apart from the back to release the title of the text with a little glow.

    So it would look something like:

    <Insert Text after bricks fall from the desired spot>
    <Inset character below Title>
    here is a slight idea but instead it'll be a video instead of a pic.

    understand what I mean? doesn't have to be exactly like this but something like that..

    2.) Creating a text that has somewhat of a light flow across the letters highlighting them.(like a sunburst effect, something like that doesnt have to be exactly).

    3.)Mirror? having a mirror of a char show above with again..another solid background?

    If you guys can please, please! help me creat these things i'd greatly appreciate it.

    Also if you can link a site that can teach me how to do these things, it'll be greatly appreciated. thanks guys


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    I think you should visit where you will find lots of free downloadable VEG files that may well assist you.

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