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Thread: wakeboard winch video

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    Default wakeboard winch video

    click here.

    please let me know what you think, good or bad. thanks.

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    Good work, some good angles and the music fits the scene.

    6mins was too long for me, maybe because I don't understand what each boarder had achieved it became repetitive.

    I liked the interactive shots with the crowd and contestants, this helped to break it up.

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    wow, i was just listening to that song! nice vid, only a little ittle too long for someone who doesn't know what's going on. i don't think you used the angles and the music to the fullest, however, as the quick fades were nothing but expected, though now that i think about it anything else might have gotten lost in the video quality. yay for balance :| Great job overall though, it was a lot of fun to watch!
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    Hey jumalian,

    I like your site and your videos! Greate work! I am from Germany and make some Wakeboard Clips, too. I have a question about the musik - special the musik rights - you use. I donīt know if there are differents between germany and usa in case of Musik Copy Rights.

    In germany it is boring. I just make a few "hobby" clips, but it doesent matters if it is noncomercial, you have to ask the label/Author for using right(if you make it availebal for public, like hosting it on a website)! In 99% of cases, you dont get the right, and if you get them you have to pay a lot of bucks to the label/author and the Musik Rights management called "GEMA". There are many people who dont care about it, and in most cases knobody notice about this, but you can get into big trouble if a label knocks at your door... So i am not one of the guys who dont care.

    How do you manage this? Is this going a different way in us? So, if it is the same like in ger you have to spent a lot of money for using the musik, or is there another way? I noticed you have a amazon link with the Music from the clip under each video.

    I tried to use Musik from underground bands etc. witch are not managet by major labels, but its hard to find some good stuff.

    If someone else can say something to this point would be nice too.

    Best Regards,


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