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Thread: JVC GR-D290 MiniDv issues

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    Default JVC GR-D290 MiniDv issues


    I've just been given a JVC GR-D290 MiniDv camera and am having some issues with it.

    You will have to bare with me I'm something of a newbie when it comes to cameras and I've just acquired the sucker, so I'm still finding my way.

    I'm connecting to my PC (running on windows XP) using the USB cable as supplied with the camera. I have no problem accessing the still images I have saved to the memory card. However I am at a loss as to how I can transfer the video footage shot on the DV tape to my PC.

    Would I be right in assuming I need a firewire to transfer video footage from the camera to my PC. If so, could any of you recommend exactly what I need bearing in mind my PC doesn't have any firewire ports.

    Any help would be fantastic.

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    You do need firewire yes. All you need to do is get a firewire card installed in your PC. They don't cost very much - You can get some for under 10, but it's worth spending a little bit more on a branded one. We've used a load of the LaCie ones here and had no trouble with them.

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    OK, thanks.

    So I install a firewire card then I can connect to my PC via the DV output on the camera itself?

    Would the installation of a firewire card be something I could do myself?

    From what I understand it's relatively simple.

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    It shouldn't be a problem. For a long time, I was highly averse to the idea of popping the case and tinkering with the insides - but finally, people convinced me I could do it. Since then, there's been no stopping me - upgraded the hard drive, installed a DVD-RW, upgraded the memory, put in a new graphics card (with PCI fan...) etc. etc. Literally, it should just be a case of checking first of all that you've got a spare PCI slot available (either look on the back and ensure there's one or more blanking plates, or open the case and check). There's only one way round a PCI card can go in the slot. In fact, I've generally found the hardest bit can be removing the blanking plate, then ensuring that the PCI card is correctly aligned with the 'hole' it leaves. XP should automatically recognise and install the card - and away you go. I guess I should mention that you need to ensure you discharge/earth yourself before you start messing about in the case - and, of course, it's always a good idea a) to back everything up and do a system restore point before starting, and b) to turn the power off...
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    Touch the metal casing of the computer at regular intervals, get an anti-static wrist strap and don't disassmble the computer in a room that has a carpet on the floor. The best place I found is on the kitchen table, large window with plenty of light coming in and when the house is empty.

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