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    Can anyone tell me where i can get a program that temporarily stops all back ground processes. I am trying to output a 73 minute project back to tape. Every few minutes the output jitters as the pc goes whacky. I suspect it is an issue with the fact that I only have one hard drive (I do have an external drive but since using it on a mac my pc does not recognise it!).

    A friend suggested a progam call ALL STOP? at least i think thats what he called it. He said it was recommended by pinnacle. does anyone know where I can get it. I only want to clean up a project that has timecode break issues as I usually use a mac and final cut ,but final cut struggles with it because of the time code problem (not my fault someone elses project).
    Pinnacle thankfully spots these breaks and captures the clips seperately so I can hopefully repair the breaks output it back to tape and then work on it on my mac. The master tape plays ok as is and only has the timecode problem when captured to a mac the resultant mov file has audio sync probs after the first timecode break. Well the problem is there on both pc and mac but the audio works on the pc due to pinnacle sorting it out.

    Just had a thought is there a way to set Final cut to capture these clips seperately automatically? This would be easier.

    The other issue was the use of 2 camera with diffenent audio settings but i think that should be fixable?

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    Just ctrl-alt-delete, click processes and kill all non-essential tasks (windows will tell you it can't stop essential services).
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    Just a quick update. The program was actually called enditall. I used it but still have the problem. I think its down to the recallibration that goes on every few minutes as it still happens despite shutting down everything I could. I partitioned my hard drive and still get a judder session every few minutes. If only I could get my external hard drive working on the pc again. Any ideas on a remedy to that?

    Might try capturing back onto the mac and stop it before the timecode breaks.That might work.......i hope!

    I really am beginning to like the mac much more stable

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