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Thread: Blue or Green Screen?

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    Default Blue or Green Screen?

    I'll post a seperate topic for this question. Been searching through some old posts and have heard breif mentions that blue works better for film, and green for digital, but am looking for a consensus before spending any money on a background.

    Here is what I use:

    Sony TRV-950 3CCD Mini-DV video camera.
    Windows XP, Premier Pro

    Goal is to put a green/blue screen up in my garage (am willing to spend a few dollars to get a decent one, any links appreciated), and film my 9 month old son against it, using lights from a hardware store.

    Question 1: Should I go for a blue or green screen?

    Question 2: I've seen lots of stuff on ebay using muslim cloth and also been looking at this foam backed cloth stuff here:

    Any recommedations?



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    Green is the way for digital.

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    I think I read somewhere green is better as it has less 'noise' on it compared to blue and you obviously cant use red due to it being in skin colour. And obviously you are looking for as clean a matte as possible when it comes to removing the background.

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    First of all if you are going to be wearing blue clothing go with green, if you are going to be wearing green clothing go with blue.

    It also depends on what you want to be doing with it. If you are doing the weather live, then blue is best, because the graphics are more likely to be blue so if any parts that get messed up will just show the blue, and wont be as obvious as the green.

    If you are using paint defiantly use green, because it is easier to spot an unpainted spot on green in most cases.

    So I guess green would be best for you.

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