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Thread: Will this system run Adobe Premiere well?

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    Default Will this system run Adobe Premiere well?

    I'm going to get a Dell XPS M170 laptop for gaming as well as work and one of the things I'm going to be using is Adobe Premiere. Currently, Adobe Premiere lags a lot on my system when I playback the video in the program. I'm wondering if this laptop will stop it. Here are the specs:

    Intel Pentium M Processor 760 (2 GHz/2 MB Cache/533MHz FSB)
    1 GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533 MHz 2 Dimm
    60 GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
    256 MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7800 GTX

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    Hi GuyBrush,

    It should run it fine I use a laptop for my editing but the only downside is it really lags when you start applying effects that are quite intensive as it cannot display them in realtime quick enough.

    I cope okay though by getting the effect set to how I want it and then disable them whilst editing. I then re-enable them just before rendering and exporting.


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    Personally I wouldn't use a laptop for video editing as the demands are too great on the system. A 2Ghz cpu and a 533Mhz FSB are below what I would recommend. Not only will the video be jerky on the computer but when you produce DVD's it will also be jerky. The Hard disk on laptops is too small at 60Gb, video eats up space like you wouldn't believe it. If I had a choice between buying a laptop and a desktop PC or Mac then I would choose the desktop everytime. A spec of 2.4Ghz to 2.6Ghz cpu with 512Mb ram, a fast 7200 rpm disk for video capture 250Gb capacity and if you can afford it a smaller 60Gb disk for the OS and other applications. A FSB running at 800Mhz will speed things up nicely and there is a lot of debate as to whether a separate graphics card is needed or not. Personally in editing it gives you speed, you can connect up a second monitor so you're not constantly opening and closing windows, and dragging scroll bars back and forth to find where you're working and it also free's up systems memory. The display needs to get resources from somewhere and it either comes from a graphics card or from the onboard 512Mb or whatever you have.

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