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Thread: Need assistance with "video converting"

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    Default Need assistance with "video converting"

    Let me start by saying that I have a JVC GZ-MG20U camcorder and it writes directly to a hard drive. So there is no need for capturing with this product. My problem however is this, the camera writes the video in .mod format. I am not really sure what format that is but it isnt very compatible with alot of programs (Vegas or ULead).

    I have the xilisof converter which will convert anything into almost anything for me... when I convert the .mod into an .mpeg(2) the size of the file is greatly shrunk. I have tried converting into .avi and same results.

    My question is this: what is the best format to convert to in order to keep the quality loss to an absolute minimum?? .avi, .mpeg, etc..etc...

    Thanks for any help in advance

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    Have you tried remaning the mod files to avi ? Might work and then there will be no conversion loss.

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    Could it possibly be that easy?? Thanks for the tip, I will try it.

    I just wanted to say that forums like these are amazingly usefull and nessesary... I want to thank everyone and anyone who comes on here and helps out with people's problems... it makes life so much easier when you can ask questions and get results from people with experience...

    Thanks again,


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    Instead of .AVI, try converting it to DV AVI. This is the standard format for virtually all DV camcorders and although the file sizes are huge they are much smaller than converting to uncompresssed avi.
    Hope this helps

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