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Thread: Which one would you pick?

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    Default Which one would you pick?

    Which one would you pick if you were to film a movie?

    DCR-VX2000 or HDR-HC1?

    I'd pick the DCR-VX2000 for the reason that the soom and focus ring are much easier to control

    DCR-VX2100 or HDR-FX1?

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    You cannot be serious, hi def deffo. Zoom rings on small cameras are generally pretty crap anyway.

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    Surely you should be looking at features such as picture and sound quality as these are the things your audience will be more interested in rather than whether or not the camera has a manual focus ring or zoom lever? How many people do you think sit in the cinema or as they watch a DVD and ask if the film was shot with a camera with a particular feature or not, they'd be more likely to notice if the picture quality was bad or the sound was bad or the acting was bad or the script was bad etc etc.

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