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Thread: Software to start with?

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    Default Software to start with?

    As much as I would love to have Adobe Premiere Pro 2, being a full time college student there is no way I can come close to affording that. Any suggestions on software at a reasonable price that has a reasonable amount of features to learn with?


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    A program called Edius by Canopus is great for me, though I haven't used many others. It has a pretty good balance of power and ease of use. If you pick it up and you need to figure it out, give me a yell.
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    I suggest that if you really want to get intop editing that you go straight to the top with one of the pro editors - vegas, final cut, premier (not rated by me, buggy, fussy), avid, and the rest.

    This way you wont get frustrated by limitations of budget software. Stop drinking so much beer in the union and save up!

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