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    Hi guys

    When I export a movie (which consists only of photographs and a soundtrack) in DV AVI format, the resolution is lowered. The original reolution of the photos is 3500x2300. The exported movie wont play properly at all, and the resolution becomes 720x576.

    Any ideas what the problem is?

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    This is because you are exporting as a movie which just happens to be suitable for converting and viewing on a TV.

    720x576 just happens to be PAL resolution.

    I'm not sure you will get a piece of video withthe dimensions of your stills easily. Why would you want this?

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    Hi Alan,

    What I'm attempting to do is make a music video out of Hi-Res Still images from an 8 mega-pixel camera. Is Premiere Pro not intended for files of this size? I'm finding it very difficult to get decent quality images after exporting the work into an .Avi file, even if I reduce the resolution.

    The project will ultimately be transferred to DVD. Any further ideas?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Looks like you missed Alan'd point. No matter what reolution you shoot on, if you are exporting as standard definition video the resolution will always be no bigger then 720x576 or 768x576(non DV) This is the max resolution of any TV.

    The only way you can go bigger would be exporting for HD. BUT!!! Is this for you? - Do all the people you wanna show this to have HD TV's and do you have HD DVD Discs and a HD DVD player.

    Untill HD is standard across the board 720x576 is the res you should be working to. One thing that will help when you are putting your composition together is to scale your images down as it will ease the render process and will cut out aliasing in the final piece.

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