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    Default Mysterious Little Square. . .

    Ok first things first. I'm just seeing if anybody knows what this thing is. I'm using Premier Pro 7 with a Canon XM1 which has just been serviced and declared free of faults, on a P4 System.

    Thing is sometimes this little black square (this time it is black, sometimes it is green, sometimes white) appears when I slow a clip down using the "speed/duration" method.

    In some clips it is visible in the raw footage captured straight from the camera and the clip must be re-captured however in the case of this clip, it wasn't.

    Here is the URL for a pic of the square in the preview window, and yes it does still appear when exported to a movie file and the DV tape.

    I'd appreciate any help on getting rid of it, or even an explanation.

    Now, second thing. I am in Australia, which means I am using a PAL camera, (Sorry, I know you're not stupid, I'm just trying to eliminate a line of questioning in later posts.) at 25FPS, it's a Canon XM1. When using the "speed/duration" tool and slowing my clips down to 30%, I notice considerable choppiness, I mean not bad , just not ultra smooth like what I've seen in other wakeboard videos. Is this a Frame Rate limitation? I am shooting wakeboarding (getting towed behind a boat on a board doing flips and stuff) with a shutter speed of 400. I was told shutter speed wouldn't so much affect the smoothness of Slo mo, but the clarity of the stills that make up the motion. I have read all the tips on de-interlacing the clip, but I have tried this and if anything, this seems to enhance the jerkiness, not smooth it out more. Now I am assuming, from looking at a slowed clip frame by frame that Premier Pro 7 is one of these programs that creates intermediate frames to create a smoother clip. So I needn't look for a program that does that. So that leaves me with this question, is there anything I can do (short of buying a camera that shoots at 60FPS, way out of my proce range!)? Or am I stuck with this "feathery" (Best word I could think of to describe it) slow motion. . . .

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. . .Thankyou

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    Re the black square - I'm not sure.
    Re smooth slomo- I'm pretty sure that premier does not "tween" frames for slomo, it merely repeats frames and this is what gives you the choppy look. For really nice smooth slomo youll probably need a plugin such as Reelsmart's Twixtor or somesuch.


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    Default Black Square Theory


    I used to get black/green/white squares in footage captured from a SONY PC-120E (high-end consumer camera - not really 'prosumer') with Premiere 6.5. I ended up having to remove frames here and there to eliminate the squares.

    This is just a shot in the dark, but I found that closing down ALL but the essential Windows processes in the Task Bar helped to reduce this problem. I think it occurs during capture. The camera was dropped once and serviced, so I thought maybe it was the camera, but I captured some footage on a friend's computer (DVSTORM!) and it was flawless.

    What kind of spec., do you have on your editing machine? Are you running Antivirus/Firewall software in the background? Do you have any CD emulators with mounted drives?

    The problems disappeared for me after I bought a new computer and upgraded to PPro7.

    Hope this helps - have you tried Adobe Customer Support? I registered my copy of PPro7 and found that when it comes to support, I get a reply within 24/48 hours!




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