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    This seems like a great forum. I see lots of questions being answered so I have one here I need help with.

    I have a .mpg video file and I have some unwanted subtitles. They are directly on the video not on a subtitles file or anything like that. I want to remove them, luckly they are on the black part under the actual video. So is it possible to remove it for the whole video? I have all the video editing programs and I tried finding tools for it but cant seem to find any. If I cut the video off and then re-add it, that might work. Does anyone know how to do that or just black out the subtitles?

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    There was a question a little bit like this just a couple fo weeks ago where someone was asking how you might cover up a graphic logo in the corner of the picture.

    I can think of a few ways of doing what you are after. However, like the other poster I must wonder at the validity of what you are doing.

    It does appear (given that you are edittign an MPG file) that you may not have the rights to use the file in question. If you did have the rights to use this cli in your own work then it wouldn't be an MPG file you are editting.

    Convince me.

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    Harsh but fair Alan.

    I dont think there is too much wrong with mashing up others stuff to make something new, aka sampling in music, however if this is a w mark then it should always be left in and a credit given to the source of the video.

    I have knicked lots of stuff for various bits of video graffitti (never for gain) I have made and may not have always credited the source, I try to now.

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    To be fair, they might be using it just to have a bit of a practise or just to make some sort of montage to show friends. Not necessarily "legal" per se, but doesn't necessarily mean that they're up to no good.

    For what you're doing KLP, try VirtualDub at DOwnload it, run it, go to filters and use the "fill" option.

    Vdub isn't the easiest thing to use, but it's free, which is always good

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