I operate a website whereby users can stream on-demand content, using Windows Media. The back end is Windows Server 2003.

Each movie was ripped from a VCD, and encoded using Windows Media Encoder 9 series, 225kbs.

Now many of our users have no problems streaming, and have an enjoyable experience. However there are many people who simply cannot get the video/audio to work. It's quite frustrating. And many of these people can stream Windows Media video on other sites, without problem.

Another interesting thing. Is that even when they attempt to watch our trailers (which are not using mms, i use an asx and hook up directly with the wmv file over http), they also have similar problems. So I can't imagine it being some kind of connection issue.

Anybody have any suggestions? I know there are numerous factors on the client end, player issues, codecs, firewall, the list goes on.