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    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm purely an amateur with stuff like this and enjoy making short vids for the internet (nothing dirty). I'm having problems with my latest recordings, my get up's not the best, I use a webcam and a headset mic to record sound played out of the speakers.

    This results in a delay between when I do something in time to the music or with lip sync. Is there a way of either playing the sound internally to the PC to record in order to get the timing right? The only other way I can see is to use video editing software to fine tune the vids, but with some at 4 minutes long and needing fine tuning every few seconds, it's a time consuming exercise.

    Many thanks

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    Software you are using will probably have a setting to record the stereo mix,(everything that passes through the sound card) this would be better than recording from the speakers.

    If you are recording in realtime with no breaks, then you would only need to nudge the audio along a few frames to correct the sync. Even if you are recording in sections the drift should be about the same on all the clips, so correction of the first clip and then ripple the others up to it would probably do the trick, I'm sure it would become quite simple once you have done it a few times.

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