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Thread: recording from camera problems :(

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    Default recording from camera problems :(

    Hi there.

    I help out on week long boat holidays for disabled kids and every year it is filmed by me and made into a new promotional video. For the past few years i have just been filming and then editing in a professional environment with an engineer. This time however i am doing it myself. I have all the nesesary software and equipemt however...The thing i'm having trouble with is recording the video to the hard drive on my pc at pristine quality.

    I am doing this via a tv-in card in my pc with a line from the camera's video out port. Now...the video shows up at full quality on my computer screen in my video capture program perfectly whilst just monitoring. so i record a little bit to test it and i check the file...the quality was good but there were some very small lags in the video now and then...wich i think was probably just down to cpu usage at the time of recording...but the main thing is...nomatter what video record format setting i have, the resulting video always has a grey flickering line along the bottom edge of the video. also the video border is curved at one looks as if you've changed the keystone on your monitor.

    Any thoughs? Does anyone know of any better recording software? I would really appreciate any help.


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    What make of camcorder are you using? Is it a digital one? If it is then I would stop using the Tv capture card and switch over to using Firewire. Also, what is the spec of the computer u are using... more info please.

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