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    Alright well i got a stack of blank dvds to test the way my footage comes out on dvd. I have a camcorder that records in 24fps and another that records in 30fps. The 30fps footage on dvd looks awful, it looks as if i added some kind of trail effect to it. The 24fps on dvd looks fine, let me add that on the computer the footage for both the 30fps and the 24fps camcorders come out great. What does everyone else burn dvds with? I am doing my test burns through Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. Does anyone have any advice or any suggestions on what program is used best for burning my own footage and keeping the footage looking good???

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    let me add that today i tried streaming the footage onto a g3 mac, and i didnt get any problems... does that help?

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    What framerate are you using in premiere and are you mixing the footage on the same timeline?

    What framerate is the finished DVD?

    If the encoder had to reduce the framerate of the 30fps footage to 24fps then this can cause motion blur as frames need to be dropped and the encoder has to interpolate the footage to look as it thinks it should.

    computers on the other hand just show show pictures 1 after the other and don't really care about framerate or format as long as the right codec is installed.

    Try output to dv and then encode that to DVD if it looks ok. If you want to use ppro for this just put the exported DV on a new timeline and export to dvd from there.

    To produce dvd's you would probably do better to export to DVD MPEG2 with the Adobe media encoder and then author using Encore(will author using DV and then encode for you aswell) or DVDlab, these will give you far more choices for menus, chapters and first play introduction sequences.


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