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Thread: Image layers/overlays on videos

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    Default Image layers/overlays on videos

    Hi there,

    I have a video, but wish to add a logo to the bottom corner. I can do this in text overlays, however when I add an image, any software makes the image take up the whole screen.

    If any of you could tell me the correct way to do this, in a fairly easy to use program I will be very grateful.


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    What I do is to make a transparent image the size of the whole video frame - with the logo you want in the position you want it to be on the screen.

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    Thanks for that, however what is the best software to do image overlays in?


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    I create the image in Paint Shop Pro, then use Adobe Premiere.

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    Is it possible in Ulead Video Studio or other software?

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    Infact, could you tell me how to do it in adobe premiere?

    sorry to be a hassle im new to this.

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