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Thread: Question Regarding Digital Camcorders.

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    Default Question Regarding Digital Camcorders.

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for a worthy digital camcorder for use in filming a documentary I have been working on.

    Unfortunately, my search has been confounded by the technical terminology that is used in describing the features of various cameras, and I am hoping that someone here can help.

    The most important consideration, for me, in purchasing a camera is that I be able to upload footage onto my computer for editting purposes - so far, I have not identified a camera with this capability.

    Can anyone suggest a model, or describe what features I should be looking for, specifically?

    - Arahan

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    All digital camcorders can upload to computers for editing. you use the DV Out port (also known as Firewire/i-Link or IEEE1394) to transfer it from your camera to your PC.

    As for what model to suggest - well, the best you can afford really! What sort of budget are you on? 200 or 20,000?

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    Hello Mike,

    Thanks for your reply - your news is certainly good news.

    When it comes to choosing a model, I am somewhat at a loss. If I can get by with one type of camera for a certain price, but another camera affords me some particular advantage and costs more, I might be willing to pay for it.

    I have had my eye on this particular piece: This link describes the device well, but I have seen the price as low as about $900.

    What do you think?

    - Arahan

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    TBH I don't have much experience of using different camcorders, but is a great place for info.. here's their review of the GL2 from about 2 years ago. $900? Looks like the price has come down a lot since then

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    Hi Arahan, that price is fantastic. I've used the same camera (it's renamed the XM2 i believe in the Uk). More or less every control on it can be set to manual and the lens is superb. At that price it really is a giveaway

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    Default Camera.

    What do you all think of this digital camera?

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