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    hi, i was trying to figure out if i could edit a song that was played live. I would like to take the audience background clapping and screaming out . it is not just at the end, it is througout the song in misc. places. Does anyone know if this can be done? and if they have a reccomendation for a software that would be great! THANKS

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    once a sound is there its there, the best you can hope to do is minimize it a tad, but your best bet is to take a diff / studio recording and mix it into the video 3D Animated Menu\'s Transitions, Backgrounds or just about anything 3d all Animated.

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    Where was the song played live? Was it at a concert or was it your friends playing? If it was at a concert then I have to agree with the previous contributor, you can only reduce the clapping and screaming but at the same time it will have an effect on the song. Any good audio editing software that allows you to reduce/increase the bass and treble ranges might help. If on the other hand it was your friends could you not get them to repeat the performance again? It doesn't have to be at the same location but it would be useful if they have their own PA system.

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