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Thread: QUESTIONS... Answer any of them... Need Tehcnical HELP

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    Default QUESTIONS... Answer any of them... Need Tehcnical HELP

    Hey everyone this is my first post so I have alot of questions...

    I'm filming a movie for my school film fest and I want to know if u guys can help me with some technical stuff... I'm using a DCR-PC100 (an old sony mini dv camera) It has a manual focus ring... My movie is going to be a spoof on 24 (the tv show) and in the show there's always close-ups with small depth of view (blurry backgrounds) I was fooling around the the focus ring but its seems that it only blurs things that are far away from the focused object...

    1.)I was wondering if a wide angle conversion lens would help with the blurring... I was thinking that because the wide angle lens kinda "zooms out" to give you more view I could zoom in more which would increase the the blurryness.. Maybe im thinking about this all wrong.. maybe I need a telephoto lens... can some one tell me which one would be better?

    2.) I was reading about the tiffen SOFT/FX 3 filter... It makes the dv footage look for like movie footage... I was wondering if anyone here uses it and how well does it work?

    3.) Does anyone here use Premiere or AE to get a 24 pulldown effect? Does yours look choppy? How does it compare with using ad-ins such as magic bullet?

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    1) Shallow depth of field is one of the holy grails of film making. For optical reasons the bigger the ccd the easier it is to get that shallow sharp focus look, this means it si hard to do ojn 'cheap' cameras with very small ccds.

    Wide is not the way as this inceases dof. What you need to do is use zoom. Get as far back as you can from the subject, zoom in, then focus.

    Use the aperture as open as you can, set the camera to manual.

    An open aperture (low f number) and a long lens (zoomed in) will produce a shallow dof.

    2) Dont bother, do it all in the editor.

    3) Dunno.

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