Ok, I'm a video-editing noob, but I do know computers quite well, and since I'm interested in hardware acceleration for video-editing, I'll try to contribute something around here by digging up what I can about Matrox RTX100 & Axio compatibility issues for both Intel and AMD computers and their chipsets.


Matrox recommended pre-built computers -

Note: Other pages are listed for Premiere Pro 1.0 and Premiere 6.5, but most RTX100s come with Premiere Pro 1.5 bundled.
Matrox recommended chipsets - http://www.matrox.com/video/support/...c/chipsets.cfm

The first table, which features the "recommended chipsets" are some of the older chipsets, and as we find out later, the 760MP did not work flawlessly with the RTX100, but then again, the user didn't seem to do much troubleshooting. These chipsets include:


  • Intel 845*
    Intel 845E
    Intel 845PE
    Intel 850E*
    Intel 865P
    Intel 875P
    Intel 9151
    Intel 925X1
    Intel 925XE1
    Intel 9452
    Intel 9552
    Intel 7205
    Intel 75053
    Intel 75254
    SiS 648

    * Only tested in a computer meeting the minimum system requirements.

Aforementioned chipsets tested on these motherboards specifically: http://www.matrox.com/video/support/...ec/mb/home.cfm

The last table features some of the newer chipsets, which matrox says are NOT compatible with the RTX100. These chipsets include:

  • NVIDIA nForce2*
    NVIDIA nForce3
    NVIDIA nForce4 (currently the most popular AMD chipset)
    AMD-8000 series
    SiS 748
    VIA KT400**
    VIA KT400A**
    VIA KT600**
    VIA K8T800**

    * nForce2 working after troubleshooting initial problems -
    http://forums.creativecow.net/cgi-bin/new_right_read_post_frame.cgi?forumid=132&univpost id=854988&postid=854988

    However, I'm using an nForce 2 chipset with an AMD XP processor on an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard and after many, many initial problems, my system is now stable and works perfectly.

    ** VIA chipsets for AMD claimed to be mostly functional with troubleshooting - http://www.devhardware.com/c/a/Computer-Processors/Not-another-Intel-vs-AMD-Debate/3/

    We touched on the fact that the RT.X100 has for a long time not been 100% compatible with VIA chipsets (it does now, with some tweaks, but with some niggling little issues still unresolved).

  • SiS 648FX
    SiS 648FX 963L
    VIA PT800

AMD Specific
AMD761 chipset working "with great success" with RTX100 - http://forum.matrox.com/rtx100/viewtopic.php?p=4371&highlight=#4371
RTX100 mostly functional on 760MP chipset - http://www.digitalvideoediting.com/2...tx100setup.htm

The first system I tested was a BOXX machine, with dual AMD Athlon MP 2000+ chips on a Tyan Thunder K7 Mother Board (Model# S2462NG), with AMD's 760MP chipset and 1GB of RAM (Click here for my full review of that system), onto which I installed Windows XP Professional. I must mention that this AMD-equipped Tyan K7 motherboard and AMD 760 MP chipset is on Matrox's list of motherboards that will work with the RT.X100. After installing the included Adobe Premiere 6.5, I plugged the RT.X100 into an available PCI slot, and installed RT.X100's driver software. After a single re-boot, the card was ready to go. All was well -- it recognized my DV camcorder, captured video flawlessly, and edited like a champ. I was able to stack up two layers of video and two graphics, all at the same time. And, I could apply a few filters to those clips at the same time, too, all without any rendering necessary. All was well until I tried to use the new Title Tool included with Adobe Premiere 6.5. It crashed, but not every time. About half the time, Premiere would lock up on me as soon as the Title tool appeared. I'm not sure if this problem was due to the motherboard, the graphics card (an NVIDIA Quadro4 550 XGL AGP Dual-Monitor Display Card with 64 MB Onboard RAM) or something else. Matrox couldn't pinpoint the problem, either, so I still don't know why this happened, and neither does Matrox.

Note: User does not seem to troubleshoot problem (E.G. try different motherboard or video drivers).

Intel Specific
Dell "Precision Workstation 340" (Intel 850X chipset) works flawlessly with RTX100 - http://www.digitalvideoediting.com/2...tx100setup.htm

This particular computer uses the Intel 850X chipset ( http://www.tornor.com/dell_precision_340.html ).
More later...