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Thread: Some AVI files won't play

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    Default Some AVI files won't play

    I am running a modern machine with XP.

    Well, one of my son's Mech Warrior games suddenly will not load because a codec is missing. I used gspot to troubleshoot, and it detailed that CRAM/MSV is missing. On further investigation, I think it is also called MSVC. As far as I can gather from many searches, this is an old codec from the WIN95 days, and comes with XP.

    I tried the following:
    >Reinstall XP, both from the consol using the /r command, and a normal repair reinstall.
    >Downloading and installing msvidc32.dll, which one source told me was the problem. It wasn't.
    >Searched both the WindowsXP Pro disk and the WIN95 cd's.
    >Wandering around in the MS website until my fingers had blisters from the keyboard. All they referred me to was old Win95 fixes.

    If ANYONE can tell me where I can download MSVC, or it possibly goes by the aliases of MS-CRAM, or CRAM/MSV, or possibly MICROSOFT VIDEO1, I would be most grateful. Even any advice would be great! Thanks...

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    Did you format before you reinstalled? That always works for me, although it perhaps is rather an excessive approach. However, I always keep C: as a partition, and only have programmes on it, so it's easy to just format that and re-install XP should an error occur. That way all your files etc. are kept safe on the other partition.

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    actually, alot of 95 apps wont run on xp in my findings. Not a clue
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    Thanks for the replys.
    Bananadude: well, unfortunately, I have already set one partition so your idea is great, but it is a little late at this point, for me.

    Grewell: This version is MechWarrior Mercenaries, and was created for XP. It is the newer one since M/Soft bought the rights.

    I just tried Command/SFC /scannow to replace missing system files, but no good. The avi's play on my other computer, so I am going to search like crazy for the missing codec which for sure is on it. Wish me luck!

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    Have you re-installed the game?

    this may fix the link between codec and game.

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    Thanks Miwel... yeah, I reinstalled after totally deleting the old one. You would think M/Soft would have all the codecs needed on the installation disk, but... after all, it's Microsoft. You know... Actually, none of my .avi's will play. The main file they need, I believe, is called Microsoft Video1 / msvidc32.dll It seems to be in all the right places in the register, and is in the system32 directory, and I replaced it, but no good.

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    Maybe reinstalling media player might help, it is possible that the game uses the mp system to play the vids in the game. If it is an old game then media player 6 might be hidden in one of the folders on the CD

    If none of your vids are playing and this doesn't help then it could be time to clean reinstall windows

    check for spyware/virus that may be causing a problem just in case.

    Good luck.

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