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Thread: Okay, New member here Just ordered my computer...

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    Default Okay, New member here Just ordered my computer...

    okay guys, I am new to this forum. just starting up a company doing recording of Recitals and graduations and weddings. have a few projects this summer so I figured it was time to invest in some good hardware. Wanting to get some opinions as to what I just ordered.

    I haven't got a camera yet, planning on getting that in about 3 months. Right before my first project. I am thinking for the price and quality I will probably go for a Canon GL1. Any thoughts?

    Below are the specs of the computer I just ordered. let me know what you guys think of the setup. Thanks.

    Intel Pentium D 820 Processor (Dual Core)
    ThermalTake heat Sink Full Copper 2700rpm
    Acrtic Silver 5 THermal Compound for the Processor

    4gb DDR2 4200mhz Ram

    1x 120gb SATA HD for Operating system.
    1x 200gb IDE HD for Software
    2x 300gb SATA HD Raided-0 with 16mb Cache for VIdeo files (May not raid these together. Any opinions on this??

    Matrox RT.x100 Hardware Capture card
    FTF Gforce 6800 256 Dual head Video Card (Older technology but its inexpensive and PCIe)

    Intel Motherboard with with on board Firewire, 6 2.0 USB and LAN. Hyper threading 1024mhz FSB

    Powemax 580watt Power Supply

    I already have a case there for I didn't include that in the setup. I also already have an x800Pro Video card but none of the motherboards with AGP have the right chipset for compatability with the Matrox Capture Card. And I knew I wanted that card. So I guess the x800 is gonna be collecting dust unless I can find someone to buy it off me. (hint hint) LOL

    Anyways, I have enjoyed reading the forum keep all the good help coming guys.

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    All looks good!
    Why using an IDE disk for your appz - jus go for a sata - will keep cables tidier in the machine too nevermind the better performance.

    OOOOOR -

    Why not jus get 2 sata drives and run 2 raids. Ive got one 74gb array (2 x 36gb sata 10krpm disks) as my OS and appz drive
    Then I have a 240gb array 2x120gb sata 7200rpm) for the media.

    This kind of setup would be considerably faster

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    well the other two drives are ones that are left over fromt he oold computer. before I ordered the upgraded stuff. so thats my only reason for having those odd balls. the 200gb hd I got int he computer origanaly. then I ordered the 120SATA and added that on for video play back while I was still learning. now I am just decided to go whole hog on it as best I can cuz lightning got the old computer.

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    Default OMG!!!!!

    Okay, so I installed my system got it all back up and running. I have to say that I am completely and totaly thrilled with the Matrox RT.x100 Card. Its amazing. some of the things I used to have to render that took forever now fly thru. and it also capture anilog with little to no dropped frames. This is great because I use it to backup customers home videos. works wonderfuly. Would advise this to anyone who wants to a killer system. just wanted to throw my two cents in there. Hope You hguys are doing well.

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