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    i search and collect funny video clips on the internet and most of them have titles like a website name or whatever...not that they own the copyrights of that video but are just promoting their site or whatever...I would like to if there are any programs out their that will get rid of these annoying titles by editing it out. Thanks so much in advance to anyone who can help me.... Very Noob and know nothing of video editing or software but am willing to purchase any software program to do this. thanks.

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    If you want to restor ethe original footage (thats underneath the title) then this is fairly tricky. You will need a video compositor tool (Ulead Video Paint, or Adobe Aftereffects and others) to clone the surrounding footage. Even this method is far from perfect though.

    You could more simply, but even less effectively, superimpose a coloure block or pixel effect using any video editing software that supports multiple video layers (eg ULead Media Studio Pro, Adobe Premier, Avid ect etc).

    Good luck though.

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    Default thank you

    wow seems tough to do it so .....ill purchase a video editing program and see what i can do ...thank you for your help

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    you can do these sorts of things, if you are skillfull, on flash ( any version really) just goto import then change the format to whatever you have on your video saved as. if it doesnt support the video type you need, goto and get the trial of Blaze media convert, that will change any of your movies to any other format!

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