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    I've never edited a video before and I was wondering if it's possible to change parts of a video that was recorded like that:

    and put it like that:

    If it is possible where can I find a program to do it?

    I'll be very thankfull to any kind of answer

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    Adobe Premier Pro can do it I know for a fact. You simply rotate the image by 90 degrees and frame it as you wish.

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    MOst software will allow you to do so but it will clip the top/bottom of the image or make it portrait in a landscape frame.

    LEARN FROM THIS - never shoot a video like that - you can turn the camera on its side to look at the image but it's alot harder to turn a tv on its side.

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    Thank tou both for the help! I'll try getting the Adode Premier Pro. Does any of you know if I can find a tutorial for this program in the web?

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