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Thread: Incompatibility between Roxio, Nero and Windows XP

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    Default Incompatibility between Roxio, Nero and Windows XP

    Hi there,

    I recently created a data DVD (of jpgs) on someone else's Windows XP PC using Roxio. I then tried to access the files on my PC simply using Windows XP. At first it showed me the files but wouldn't let me access them. Then it just totally froze and I could do absolutely nothing with the disk; it also got stuck in the drive, and neither the physical nor onscreen Eject buttons would work. Since I have Nero InCD installed, I'm wondering whether this caused the seizure, even though it wasn't running at the time??

    I am about to get several DVDs from another person (containing loads of AVIs) - but I don't know which program they used to burn. Should I uninstall Nero InCD and rely on Windows XP to view? Does this remove a potential layer of incompatability - or not make the blindest bit of difference? If the latter, is there anything I can do to make sure I will be able to access the files?


    Sarah B.

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    This is a wild guess, but before you go much further, I'd eliminate the DVD as the cause of the problem. I have two drives on my PC, and sometimes a DVD will read in one drive and not in another. Similar symptoms, too - sometimes you can see the file list but not open the files, sometimes it just hangs and locks the drive. If the drive on the machine you recorded on was marginally within tolerance and your drive is also marginally within tolerance, you could well expect the kind of problems you're seeing. Like I said, it's a guess - but try the DVD you've recorded in other drives first. I'd doubt the issue is one of software conflict - but I could well be wrong.
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