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    I am looking for an honest critique (without sales pitch!) of the various video editing software products available on the market.

    I have tried Pinnacle Studio 8 and 9 both on my Desktop, and my laptop PCs. I like the user interface, but all the software is useless as it is so full of bugs. What is the point in spending hours producing something when the software crashes, or fails to work as intended? This Forum seems to support my view.

    I tried a trial version of Premiere Elements 2. This is so complex and riddled with obscure technical jargon that it takes ages to fathom the user interface. (What is "Bezier" with regard to audio fade in???) the defaults are silly, so you have to spend ages trying to work out how to change the myriad of minute settings to get to get what you want. I tried fading an audio track in and out. I partially succeeded, but could I fade the sound out completely? It faded only so far, and then insisted on maintaining a set volume level. Why should one wade through the treacle of such user interface. My maxim is that if something is difficult to use then the creator didn't give much thought to their choice of terminology (meaningful names etc) I am a teacher, so I am used to making things easier to understand!

    So what is left? I tried to find somebody with an opinion on the other products through these Forums, but could not find anything. This site's download link to a trial of Vegas leads nowhere.

    What are accomplished video editors comments or suggestions?


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    Personally I didn't have any trouble running Studio 10, albeit on a high end machine. I found it extremely beginner friendly.

    Ulead VideoStudio is pitched at the same level as Pinnacle Studio, although I must admit to not having sampled the latest version so can't comment on its ease of use.

    I have recently acquired a version of Muvee, which is another alomst automated video editing application aimed at the beginner. I will be looking at this over the weekend.

    I shall also be writing a comparative review of all the beginner software packages under the 100 mark soon...

    Until then I suggest you take a look at the trial version of Ulead Videostudio

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    Default Pinnacle Studio 10

    Thanks Marc.

    I like the user interface of Pinnacle Studio software very much, but I notice that the users who suffer the poor instability also seem to have reasonably high spec' machines. If it is purely the power of the machine, I would upgrade.

    What spec is your machine?

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    The test machine had 2GB Ram with an AMD Athlon 64 4400 procesor.

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    I like vegas, suggest you d load the free trial from the sony vegas site.

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