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Thread: The Dollar (my first short)

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    Default The Dollar (my first short)

    this is my first short

    it is inspired by old school movies back to the silent days

    my first production filmed with a 64 buck webcam, in my house starring my brother and our friend gibson

    hope u like it

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    nice, though it was a little hard to see what was going on in a few parts. if you want to do chase scenes, check out or
    \"He\'s not as tough as he thinks he is!
    Neither are we.\" - The Sting

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    I'll try and finish with something positive, but...

    The story was weak, the acting weaker, the "speech cards" were longer on the screen than the moving pictures. The digital effects were poorly executed and made the images difficult to see.

    The music editing was... awful.

    ...but I hope you had fun making it, and it was made on a webcam!

    Okay: There's a rule in film-making "Don't tell us about it... Show it." If you want to emulate the silent era, look at a few silent films. You won't see speech cards every few seconds, the viewer can lipread when a character shouts "oh no" and an exaggerated expression communicates far more than the written word.
    Digital effects should enhance what we see, or what we're supposed to see, not make it a murky blob.
    Finally it's actually better with the sound switched off, the music should compliment the images not just be stuck in at random.

    Brutal... but at least I'm being honest.

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    Default true

    hey its cool

    this was just a little thing we did for the fuck ofi t, it actually sold i sold like 10 copies on dvd with extra stuff, i told yall first because it would look worst lol and i know the titles were too much but i just felt like doing some words hey i watch silent films i know how it goes but it was just want i wanted to do, i thought the music went with the scenes, i edited it on windows movie maker by the way lol

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    I agree with 'The Guru'... All very poorly executed.

    Maybe next time you should do it outside where you'd have better lighting

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    Not meaning to sound harsh, but why would you bring up a thread a month old just to agree? If you were reading back and had a breakthrough idea, then maybe, but just to say you agree, seems kinda strange.

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