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Thread: quciktime is4:3 wmv is 16:9

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    Default quciktime is4:3 wmv is 16:9

    hey dudes, i've captured some footage off my sony handycam camcorder which was shot in 16:9. (its true 16:9 according to sony) When editing it, it looks fine, widescreen format etc. Now i have exported my video, when i watch it on a quicktime player it is squish up like it is in 4:3 mode but when i choos to play it on windows media player it is widescreen. I made sure the export setting were right.

    Can anyone tell me why this is and how i could fix this problem?


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    The trick most people find hard to fathom is that the difference between 4;3 and 16:9 pictures is nothing to do wiht pixel count. The picture is not higher res at all in widescreen. the trick is that each pixel is simply a wider shape.

    you have exported to a format that has 'forgotten' the shape of the pixels you are using and so onplaying back your player has defaulted to 'square' pixels giving the effect of squidging things up.

    What format did you export to and using what settings.

    You may have simply missed the 'widescreen' setting during your export.

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    when i opened a new project i made sure it was pal widescreen. DV avi i exported to since i have no understanding in what settings i should use for microsoft avi or quicktime.

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    Default Picture distortion

    I am completely new to video editing and to this forum. This subject of this part of the forum is similar to the problem that I am having. I have a Canon 750 camera and have taken some short video clips (avi format) which I have tried to join together using Widows Movie Maker, Nero Express and Adobe Premier. When I load the files into any of the above programs they retain their correct proportions but when I drag them to the story line they become distorted; that is they are stretched width wise. I believe this has something to do with aspect ratio but I do not know how to fix it. Can anyone please help? :(


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