Please come to and learn a bit about the brand new version of our native Avid AVX plugins, download a FREE Cartooner AVX filter, and download a demo of BCC AVX 3 ;

[NOTE: New version requires OSX on Mac, NT or XP on WIN]

main page;

feature demo movies (flash movies showing what it's like to use the software in Avid);

demo download and FREE Cartooner filter (a BCC AVX 3 watermark demo and a FREE Cartooner Filter have been added to our downloads page);

Some things the BCC AVX 3 plugin package offers;

- a very wide variety of filter effects such as Blurs, Glows, Light Rays, Wave Distortions, Particle Wipes, and 3D Shapes that can be as easily applied to Avid titles as to video

- hundreds of installed effect Presets, each of which can be rendered as is or used as a starting point for a custom effect. You can easily save any effect you make as an additional custom preset within any filter or transition.

- precise advanced Keying and Matte control filters for creating clean sharp keys

- Multi-filter feature for stacking multiple effects on a foreground element without affecting the background

- Time effects such as Optical Flow for creating keyframe-able motion effects and super smooth slow motion

- Film effects for making video appear more like film ; including advanced De-interlacing and Pulldown simulation for film-like motion, Tint and Gamma control for film like shading, Grain management for applying preset grain signatures or matching the grain of existing footage, and even a Film Damage effect for simulating film dirt, hair, and scratches, etc.

- integrated Motion Tracking in effects like Witness Protection, Wire Removal, Lens Flare, Light Rays, etc.

- integrated PixelChooser - a convenient double mask integrated into most filters ; it includes Region Controls for defining the area of the frame to affect, as well as Matte controls for using the chroma and luma in the image's channels to control the intensity of the effect within that region.

- auto-animating Wipe Transitions - Continuum 3 offers a suite of Wipes which provide a variety of unique looks for transitioning from one shot to the next. Wipes can be applied as single track transitions which can be easily trimmed, shortened, or lengthened. You can apply and customize the wipes in no more than a few clicks (no keyframing required).