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    Default security issues...

    I use a Dell xps 400, running windows xpmedia.
    I use Sonic DigitalMedia Plus v7 for burning my video clips onto DVD.
    I use a Canon S1 IS Powershot for filming video.

    My concern is how to clean my computer of all copies of the video clip and temporary files after downloading a video clip to my hard drive from my Canon and then editing and burning the clip to DVD via Sonic Plus.

    I want to know for sure that there is not a copy of the video clip anywhere on my computer that could be accessed by someone unauthorized to use my computer, or hacked by someone on the net via my satilite internet connection [ DirecWay ].

    I do have a firewall in place.

    Thank you.

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    There are both shareware and freeware utilites available that will overwrite the data in files (it won't remove them) so if someone does find them they will open up garbled (I presume). The other way is to reformat your hard disk and finally the other way is to take it out of the computer and jump up and down on it ten or twelve times, a few sharp jabs with a screwdriver also helps (sorry, I was getting a bit carried away there).

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    Default security clips

    thanks, nikosony.

    Anyone out there with suggestions on the best software to overwrite my video files?


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    It's easy enough to delete the raw video so that the average person will not be able to access it, but destroying the data ABSOLUTELY is pretty hard. Sorry to say Nikosony that your method won't do much if someone is determined to get the data off that drive. There have been cases of drives being submersed in water and involved in big explosions, yet the data is still retrievable.

    I am not sure what you are trying to protect here, but if it's simply a case of you not wanting prying eyes accessing your raw video files, then you should have no problem. But if you are involved in some kind of illegal video manufacture, and want to wipe all trace of your activities, you will have a far tougher job.

    As to specifics of removing the raw video from your hard drive, it's difficult to say exactly what you should do, as it all depends where the video files are stored. But it's just the main files you'll have to remove to stop the average snoop from seeing your videos. To be honest, there's bound to be a trace somewhere, even after a format. You'd have to use a programme like DBAN to Zero Write the HD before re-installing your OS. But that would be rather excessive unless you have footage from behind the grassy knoll, or the genuine Roswell alien autopsy video that you are trying to hide from the Government.

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    Thanks banannadude.
    I am not up to anything illegal.
    Just personal, private, videos that I want to stay that way.
    You've confirmed my fears: "To be honest, there's bound to be a trace somewhere, even after a format."
    So I guess I should either forget the whole idea of using my computer to edit my personal, private, PERFECTLY LEGAL videos, or attack the project as if it really IS very very illegal.
    And I'm not sure that its worth the trouble to zero write the hd and re-install the os.
    That sounds like potentially screwing up a perfectly good, well operating system, just to keep some knucklehead hacker from posting my vids on the net for laughs.
    Maybe I'll just scrap the whole idea of using digital media for theraputic self exploration and personal growth.
    I'm just not convinced I can do it privately.

    Thanks for your response.
    I appreciate it, greatly.


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    I'm worrying you unnecessarily. It would take a VERY determined individual to retrieve any trace of video you have already deleted from your hard drive. And they wouldn't be able to do that without the use of expensive software and a real knowledge of how to do it. Not to mention time - it's not a 5 minute job, and there's no way they could do it remotely (over the net for example). It would not be the work of a 'knucklehead' - quite the opposite.

    And even if someone did manage to gain access to your PC for a few hours, having tied you up in your bedroom cupboard while they get to work, chances are they would not retrieve anything significant. At most, they may get snippets of your video, not the whole thing, and it may be badly corrupted to the point that it was barely watchable anyway. It's not a simple case of taking a hard drive, searching for 'video.avi', finding that file, and playing it there and then. It is significantly more complex than that.

    So unless you have any ex-military hackers living with you, I think you'll be safe if you just delete stuff. You can always encrypt files, programmes etc. so that no-one can even get access to your PC in the first place, except you.

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    heh heh heh.

    Thanks, bananadude.
    You ARE talking to the king of paranoia here.

    I appreciate your additional words of comfort...
    and your sense of humor.

    thanks again.


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    Default Security

    Do you use a separate partition on your hard drive for your video data? This would allow you to scrub, reformat or delete that partition without affecting the rest of the PC. You can also set the permissions on the partition so that only you have access.

    This would deter all but the most determined!


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