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    Several movie making clubs exist across the UK. Can they help in learning about video production and editing or are they just a social meeting place where people just talk about making videos. If anyone has any experience of what these video clubs offer a beginner in taking up video making be glad to hear from you.

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    As with any club, you'll get as much out as you put in. Even if you're not explicitly taught (and most clubs will have guest speakers from time to time), you'll learn by doing and getting inviolved in projects.

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    Even if they're "only" places where people meet and talk about video, they're often a good source of information and help. Sometimes it's good for the soul, just spending time chatting about video.

    I've spoken at a few and have been surprised by the mix. Some are populated by pensioners and nerds, others by real enthusiasts who are constantly making videos, but I've yet to find one which I absolutely hated.

    I'd say that you should search out a few local ones and visit them. Just don't expect them to welcome you as the newcomer they've been waiting for, to direct their bafta-winning video.

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