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    I am using a Sony DCR-TRV140 with a firewire cord and firewire port. When i plug my camera into the computer and switch it on it does not do anything on the sound or anything but it says DV in on the camera. I have captured using the exact same setup before. Anyone have an idea what is going on?

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    Set the camera to DV OUT.

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    How would i do that?...You probably arent farmiliar with the camera but if you have any idea on how to do that i would greatly apriciate it.

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    I'm not familiar with that camera but I reckon it has a menu wheel (newer models have that awful touchscreen). So enter the menu and find that setting where it says DV in (you said you saw that), press the wheel and scroll down to switch to the other option (DV out). Press the wheel again and exit the menu.
    I hope this works for you.

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    It says dv in on the veiwfinder when i plug my firewire in. I tested to see if I unpluged it from the computer but not the camcorder and the DV In went away so the connection is fine.

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    So is the camera now set to DV Out?

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    No, i dont think you can change that from the camera...i reset the camera like a week ago and havent connected it to my comp since, maybe thats it...USB still works. Suggestions would be helpful

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    anyone...? I really need this problem solved

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    I have ran into the same problem...
    I know this post if probablly dead... (I hope not!)

    I have bought the FIREWIRE as well and updated drivers and the whole thing.
    did you ever find the solution to this issue with the DCR-TRV140 and the use of the FIREWIRE?

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