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Thread: Input Clip File size???

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    Default Input Clip File size???

    I'm a computer video editing newbie but I have done a lot of video editing on a "camcorder/VCR editor" combo.

    I've done a bit of research and played a bit with 2 editing programs that I have (Ulead Video Studio 7 & TMPGEnc DVD Author).

    Can someone help me with a question on input clip size?

    I have many DVDs on which I have raw video footage that I'd like to edit. It seems that the raw footage is stored in "VOB" files that are a maximum size of 1Gig (1,048,544 KB) in size. My video editing software will not work directly with VOB files but will work with MPEG2 files. Since I believe that VOB files are a form of MPEG2 files, I simply loaded the VOB file on my computer and changed the file extension to "MPG" and then loaded them into the video editing program. This seems to work quite well with smaller files but my system seems to choke on the 1 Gig files. They take forever to load and are very slow to manipulate!!

    Therefore, my question (finally!).....
    - Is this a limitation of my hardware (512MB RAM, 1526MB fixed swap file, 95G free HD space), AMD 2100+ CPU, ATI All-in-Wonder 128MB Graphics board)?
    - Or, should I have done something differently to convert the VOB file to an MPG? (I searched but didn't find any software that claims to convert VOB to MPG)

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the dumb newbie question!

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    I wouldn't use mpegs as originals as they can be difficult to edit. You can rename the VOB extension to AVI and they will work a lot better. Then import the AVI into your editing software and work on it. When happy with the results, export to DVD (I don't know either of those pieces of software you own) as mpeg2. What speed does the processor run at on your computer? Also watch the hard disk space as that 95Gb will soon start to disappear when you start to work with video, a second larger disk (180 to 250GB) might be worth considering just for video work.

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    Thanks for the response nikosony,
    My processor is an AMD 2100+. I tried to change the file extension to avi as you suggested. TMPGEnc will accept it exactly as it accepts the VOB file (video but no sound). Video Studio 7 gives me a "incorrect file format" error window.

    Subsequent to my original note, I have worked almost full time to solve my problem. I'm a long way from "home base" but I have learned a lot. I now believe that I have to use a program like DVD Decryptor to extract the MPEG video and sound file from the VOB file. (if I want to edit MPEG files rather than VOB files) However, neither of my video editing programs support AC3 sound files. I'm now looking for a way to get or add this feature (or work around it).

    Thanks again for the response.

    I'm still investigating.......

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    Just in case any other newbie happens on this thread, I have solved my problem. I upgraded to Video Studio 9 and I can now load and edit AC3 sound files with my video.

    My problem was that the authoring programs that I was using did not support what I was trying to do.

    Ulead Video Studio 7 would not import VOB files(from a DVD) and wouldn't play the audio from AC3 files.

    TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 would not play AC3 sound files without purchasing and extra AC3 plug in.

    The upgrade to Ulead Video Studio 9 now allows me to edit MPEG2 video files as well as AC3 audio files.

    Now I'm

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