Hi All,

I am having questions with create movie DVD from interwin dvd creator and seeking advices and help from this forum if possible.

The main thing is that I can not playback the DVD that I create from interwin dvd creator to the end.

I mean it plays a few minutes or may be haft hour and then stop and go back to the begining while it is supposed to play around two hours although it says burning successfully on the PC. It happens for some projects. Not all. If I keep burn that same project, I will get the same result: terminated-in-middle DVDs.

I am not sure what cause problem and in which stages: drag movie clip to the timeline, add music, add titles, add transitions..... But for some projects, it is working fine.

One more thing is that fast action such as when I move the comcorder fast the movie seems to be blured...

My system is:
P4 2.8 GH HT
RAM - 2.0 GIG
Harddrive: 300G + 160G + 160G + 160G
Video Card: Radeon ATI 9550 256 MB
Mobo: Asus P4P800 Dex

Camcorder: Sony TVR 460

Files captured: *.AVI

DVD-R Memorex

Write to DVD using optimal option in interwin dvd creator.

Thank you very much,